Shadows Over Orsana

Island Fortess

With Olem on board the group had 4 days at sea. Merrick spent the days getting to know the Count. Tamiras spent them snooping and observing. Lakeem spent the time reading and magically listening in. Everything seemed as it should have. When they drew close to Sardos they could see a navy flotilla. Rather than flee or directly confront the party decided on a plan. Lakeem conjured a powerful storm that preoccupied the flotilla while the Sly Strider made a quick detour aided by Lakeem’s air magic and approached from the southern side without any suspicion. Upon docking they set out to resupply. Merrick escorted Olem to his house and back without incident. Tamiras went to the city guard headquarters to set up the capture and ensure the bounty. Tamiras lead the Captain of the guard and his men to the ship with the count and his men waiting inside. After receiving the bounty and getting restocked they decided to sail back to Tashis. In Tashis the party is introduced to Ryl’Seph, the bard and Planestrider, who seems to inexplicably know about the deathworld and their task. Soon after they set off and find themselves on the deathworld beset by undead.

Forgotten Things

While waiting for word from Krunk, Merrick, Tamiras, and Lakeem were visited by a childlike representation of Arun, the Goddess of Death. She asked that they destroy a deathworld that is drifting towards Orsana. After agreeing, Arun then asked if any of them would take up her banner and become heralds of death but none felt drawn to her service. She simply smiled and said that “All who destroy evil, serve me.”
Some time later Krunk returned with intel. Now knowing their habits Lakeem proceeded to confront and buy off Kelryn, one of their watchers and gave him instructions to find information regarding any artifacts.
A week later Kelryn returns with information regarding the last known whereabouts of the Chain of Champions. An inexperienced thief had stumbled into the undercroft of a destroyed temple and after seeing some of the creatures residing within decided it best if he simply passed on this bit of info. Kelryn, being a merchant of information recognized the young rogue’s description of one chamber as the resting place of the Chain.
The party set sail to Varen’s Tooth, only a few hours trip, and located the cave hidden in the rocky shore. After fighting through water scorpions, devious traps, and a large angry chameleon they find several wooden pieces to a puzzle. They could not assemble it. With their other loot and savings the party bought a ship. Built by the shipwrights of House Dorae, it is a gnome warforge made caravel named the Sly Strider. Fast and sturdy, she can make better speed than most ships in any weather.
With their funds depleted for the moment, the group decided to give Kel a call and see if he had any jobs available. Fortunately there was an escort job ready. All they had to do was transport a druglord to his home then to another final port. Pay was good enough, so they took on the self styled Count Lorhn Olem, Underking of Sardos.

Death in the Sands

Sailing from Jorden to Tashin proved uneventful as did the trek to the sandy city. Upon reaching Korun’dun, they embarked south with a small caravan. About a day’s travel into the Sahavi they encounter a beholder in the wilderness. With a little luck they survived and were able to find a hideout where six more beholders lay. After a fierce battle the beholders where defeated, but at a loss. Cade the halfling bard had been hit with a disintegrate ray in the melee and had been reduced to a pile of ashes. As they reached the outskirts of tashis it was noticed that they were being followed, probably all the way from Korun’dun by four individuals. Krunk has broken off from the party to shadow their pursuers.

Murder on the Frozen Isle

The party traveled to the Frozen Isle of Jorden at the behest of an old friend of Merrick. The city had seen fifteen gruesome murders and the people were near hysterics. The ruling Icekeep Council of Mages were willing to greatly reward anyone who could help.
The party was able to track down the murderer and put an end to his depredations. He was confirmed to be a follower of the dead Nerull.

Merick’s dwarven friend Balefir asked the party’s aid in a matter of business. His iron ore shipments to Tashis have started going missing. Firstly, they are to seek out the cause of the missing shipments and eliminate it if at all possible.

Ancient Forest

The party began the journey in the forest city of Rowanhold. The Baroness Seris Tamryn had put forth a call to champions to deal with some infernal slavers that had been making off with citizens(ruse). While looking for the fiends’ base camp the party stumbles upon and ancient Ankari temple of Rhen. After completing the trials within they were greated by Droma, the Baroness’ assistant. Droma explains that the temple is tuned to call worthy champions to itself and out of all the adventurers in Rowanhold, they are the only ones to answer the call. A powerful sorcererous Illithid named Reyltus has settled near the city and the Baroness is not taking any chances. After locating the lair the party makes quick work of the mindflayer and his thralls. The city and the plane is saved from a dark, enslaved future.


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