Godess of Death


Greater Diety
Symbol: Cresent moon embracing a black triangle
Homeplane: None
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Death, Justice, Mercy
Worshipers: Anyone seeking protection from an untimely death.
Cleric Alignments:Any good, prefers chaotic
Domains: Good, Luck, Protection
Favored Weapon: Scythe

In the later years of the third age, Nerull, the god of death, grew weary of the everliving multiverse and began plotting to bring every life into the cold embrace of undeath. It started with exerting his influence among the mortal races, causing and sustaining pointless wars that lasted for generations. His pride and joy was the downfall of the leShay Empire, which spanned accross the multiverse. It did not take long before they had erased most of their civilization and race from existence. When war was not an option, legions of undead would scour a plane. As the living are consumed and the entire land is tainted, the world will begin drifting through the void, spreading undeath to any plane unlucky enough to lie accross its path.
Among the other deities, Nerull had no allies. For the first time the gods ceased quarrelling amongst themselves and conveyned a council to choose a plan of action. It was decided that Nerull could not be allowed to live and that a new god of death was to take his place. After much deliberation they chose one of Nerull’s first victems, a leShay girl named Arun. In her kind and gentle nature she was the perfect contrast to Nerull’s foul temperment. Unfortunately they were too late and Nerull had already siezed control of the Fountain, the birth-plane of those born into godhood. Under his influence it was twisted and sent hurtling through the multiverse until it was broken and became the Valley of Ashes. In their grief, the gods unleashed Arun upon the Bringer of Darkness. Clad in black robes of purest midnight, she confronted the dark god and rent him from existence with nary but a whisper. Although he had been defeated, the multiverse had been devastated in his wake. Wars were still waging and even death-worlds still drifted aimlessly through the void. It did not take long before the gods had resumed their old squabbles and disolved the council. The multiverse had become a wasteland, and a ten millenia long dark age began.

Arun is an adamant enemy of undeath and any who spread it. She also despises those who would unjustly cut short the life of another or unnaturally extend their own, even going so far as to retrieve their souls herself upon death. While she can overlook minor evil acts anything malicious or cruel will raise her ire, but the penitent soul always has a place with Arun.

Clergy and Temples
Now in the begining of the fifth age Arun has missionaries for the first time. Her clerics are few and temples fewer. They administer funeral rites to any and all as well as providing healing and resurection services, but only for individuals who died untimely deaths.

Arun does not dwell on a homeplane but has elected to split herself. She has many Aspects roaming the planes overseeing the escort of souls to their apropriate afterlife.


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