Shadows Over Orsana


Island Fortess

With Olem on board the group had 4 days at sea. Merrick spent the days getting to know the Count. Tamiras spent them snooping and observing. Lakeem spent the time reading and magically listening in. Everything seemed as it should have. When they drew close to Sardos they could see a navy flotilla. Rather than flee or directly confront the party decided on a plan. Lakeem conjured a powerful storm that preoccupied the flotilla while the Sly Strider made a quick detour aided by Lakeem’s air magic and approached from the southern side without any suspicion. Upon docking they set out to resupply. Merrick escorted Olem to his house and back without incident. Tamiras went to the city guard headquarters to set up the capture and ensure the bounty. Tamiras lead the Captain of the guard and his men to the ship with the count and his men waiting inside. After receiving the bounty and getting restocked they decided to sail back to Tashis. In Tashis the party is introduced to Ryl’Seph, the bard and Planestrider, who seems to inexplicably know about the deathworld and their task. Soon after they set off and find themselves on the deathworld beset by undead.


Roan Roan

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