Shadows Over Orsana


Ancient Forest

The party began the journey in the forest city of Rowanhold. The Baroness Seris Tamryn had put forth a call to champions to deal with some infernal slavers that had been making off with citizens(ruse). While looking for the fiends’ base camp the party stumbles upon and ancient Ankari temple of Rhen. After completing the trials within they were greated by Droma, the Baroness’ assistant. Droma explains that the temple is tuned to call worthy champions to itself and out of all the adventurers in Rowanhold, they are the only ones to answer the call. A powerful sorcererous Illithid named Reyltus has settled near the city and the Baroness is not taking any chances. After locating the lair the party makes quick work of the mindflayer and his thralls. The city and the plane is saved from a dark, enslaved future.


Roan Roan

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