Shadows Over Orsana


Death in the Sands

Sailing from Jorden to Tashin proved uneventful as did the trek to the sandy city. Upon reaching Korun’dun, they embarked south with a small caravan. About a day’s travel into the Sahavi they encounter a beholder in the wilderness. With a little luck they survived and were able to find a hideout where six more beholders lay. After a fierce battle the beholders where defeated, but at a loss. Cade the halfling bard had been hit with a disintegrate ray in the melee and had been reduced to a pile of ashes. As they reached the outskirts of tashis it was noticed that they were being followed, probably all the way from Korun’dun by four individuals. Krunk has broken off from the party to shadow their pursuers.


Roan Roan

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